13 Jul 2016
July 13, 2016

Our View: Follow the Process for Twin Metals

July 13, 2016

Duluth News Tribune
Editorial Board

“A 30-day public comment period and … two public hearing sessions is not a substitute for a three- to five-year federal environmental review process that allows for substantial scientific input,” Twin Metals Government Affairs Adviser Bob McFarlin astutely pointed out in a meeting last week with the News Tribune, including with members of the editorial board. “That … process, when it is followed, is the process that allows communities, businesses, stakeholders and other organizations the opportunity to participate. If our project or any project is stopped at this point, that is a unilateral decision by a federal agency that does not take into account, the same way (the completion of an Environmental Impact Statement) would, the input from affected stakeholders.”

A renewal rejection now by the U.S. Forest Service would eliminate the public from the process. And would be in contrast to past approvals, McFarlin pointed out, a “complete, 180-degree turn on the Forest Service’s opinion on the environmental impacts — and nothing new has occurred.”

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