15 Nov 2017
November 15, 2017

Our View: CEO Says PolyMet Will Mine ‘Safely,’ ‘Appropriately’

November 15, 2017

Duluth News Tribune
Editorial Board

“There’s a responsibility no matter where you mine to do it correctly and appropriately and to protect the environment,” [PolyMet CEO Jon] Cherry said. “I am 100 percent confident we’ll be protective of the St. Louis River watershed and Lake Superior and downstream. I think you could actually take our design and put it anywhere and be just as protective of the environment.”


“Our employees at PolyMet, they live here, they work here, they raise their families here, they want to recreate here. Who has a more vested interest in making sure this is done correctly?” Cherry asked. “There’s demand for all this metal. We have a chance to develop it responsibly here. I don’t think there’s anyone in here who doesn’t want clean air, who doesn’t want clean water.”

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