Duluth News Tribune
John Swanson (Vice President of Major Projects Execution for Enbridge)

A Dec. 11 commentary in the News Tribune by Winona LaDuke (Native View: “Enbridge must be held accountable in northern Minnesota”) contained several misstatements and inaccuracies about Enbridge that deserve clarification.

Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project provides a vital link between North American production regions and Minnesota, Wisconsin and other North American refinery markets. Enbridge proposes replacing Line 3 to maintain high safety standards and to reduce future maintenance activities that result in disruptions to landowners and the environment. The line undergoes systematic preventative maintenance activities and inspections to ensure safe operation, and these activities will continue until the new line is put into service. To suggest we need to “clean up” the “old” Line 3 is patently false.

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