15 Feb 2018
February 15, 2018

A Promising Future for Minnesota Mining

February 15, 2018

Mining People
Debra McCown Thomas

There’s excitement on the horizon for the mining industry in Minnesota, which is looking ahead to the promise of a big opportunity: an effort to mine the largest undeveloped copper-nickel deposit in the world.

Though perhaps not often in the spotlight, Minnesota is a big mining state–often in the nation’s top 5 in terms of the value of the minerals it produces–and has relied upon iron ore as an economic driver for more than a century. These yet-to-be-developed resources are located close to what has traditionally been the state’s iron-producing region.


The company closest to being ready to start work is PolyMet Mining Corp., whose NorthMet project is in its final permitting stages. According to the company’s website, PolyMet is “on track to be the first to commercially mine copper, nickel, and precious metals in Minnesota.”

Twin Metals […] is also progressing toward mining in the region.

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