08 Mar 2014
March 8, 2014

Model Used in PolyMet SDEIS Sound; Let’s Get to Permitting

March 8, 2014

Grand Rapids Herald-Review
Opinion: Nancy Norr

After 25 years in economic development, I’ve never come across an opportunity as important to our region’s future as copper-nickel mining. The growth of this industry is critical to our long-term success and will support a way of life for generations to come.

As the public comment period for PolyMet’s Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement comes to a close, we are one step closer to bringing 360 full-time mining jobs to the Range and more than 600 spin-off jobs in other industries. These are career opportunities that our young people need to support families. In my travels in Northern Minnesota I still see too many empty storefronts and industrial parks. Without jobs, long-time residents are forced to move their families out of town to find work. This is the present, but it does not have to be the future – we can thrive again.

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