25 Oct 2016
October 25, 2016

Mining Minnesota Pitches for PolyMet

October 25, 2016

Business North
Beth Bily

PolyMet may have completed it’s the environmental review, but advocates are still stressing the merits of the proposed non-ferrous mining project. Now, with the PolyMet entering its permitting phase, Mining Minnesota is keeping up with its efforts to inform the public about its potential benefits.

Non-ferrous advocate organization, Mining Minnesota, took that message to the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday morning, noting the economic potential of PolyMet as well as other non-ferrous mining projects at various stages of development.

“Minnesota is a mining state,” Mining Minnesota Executive Director Frank Ongaro said, adding that it’s the third largest mining state in country in terms of employment, GDP contributions and labor income. “What we have is an opportunity to develop the next generation of mining and double the size of the mining industry.”

Non-ferrous mineral deposits located along the Duluth Complex in northern Minnesota include copper, nickel, platinum, palladium and gold, and others. In addition to Canadian-based PolyMet, several companies have invested in non-ferrous proposals including Antofagasta, Kennecott and Rio Tinto, to name a few.

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