30 Oct 2013
October 30, 2013

MINE II: ‘The Range is Our Home. and Mining is What We Do!’

October 30, 2013

Mesabi Daily News
Congressman Rick Nolan

As a born and bred Cuyuna Ranger, I spend a lot of time talking mining with my colleagues out in Washington. I tell them that up on the Range, mining is who we are. It’s in our blood, our history and our way of life.

I explain that mining is about jobs. Mining is a big job that drives thousands of jobs. Two-thirds of all the iron ore used to make steel in the United States is mined right here — a capitol investment of more than $4 billion dollars. Mining puts food on tables, kids through college and money in the bank.

I share a little history. Mining’s “Greatest Generation” won World War II. Mining’s unions created a middle class that’s built thriving businesses, schools and communities.

I invite them to join all of us, and the thousands of visitors from all over the nation, who enjoy our clean air, clear lakes, pine forests, hunting, fishing and camping. No one appreciates the great outdoors more than us Rangers.

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