15 Nov 2012
November 15, 2012

Metals Mining in Minnesota Means a Hundred Years of Jobs and Revenue

November 15, 2012

Pioneer Press
Opinion: Harry Melander & David Olson

Is there any doubt that “jobs” is the primary subject driving conversations throughout our country and our state? Even as they fought tooth and nail for votes, Democrats and Republicans agreed on one thing — we need more jobs.

In today’s economy, the creation of even a single new job can be newsworthy. Imagine the response if hundreds, even thousands of permanent new jobs become reality for generations of Minnesotans. That’s why business and labor are founding partners of a unique alliance to work to support and assist major projects that will create jobs. The initial focus will be to champion the development of critical and strategic metals (copper, nickel, platinum, palladium, cobalt and gold) mining in Minnesota — without question the most promising economic opportunity for our state that we’ve seen in many years — perhaps in our lifetimes.

The responsible development of these strategic metals in our state would be as significant for Minnesota as iron mining has been. This new industry would be productive for more than a century, bringing thousands of permanent careers to the state and providing economic success for Minnesotans for generations, in addition to new investments in technology and education — not to mention billions of dollars in royalties and tax revenue. And, 21st century technology enables us to meet and exceed our responsibility to protect Minnesota’s pristine air and water quality.