24 Feb 2017
February 24, 2017

Jobs for Minnesotans Support Responsible Mining, Energy Transportation

February 24, 2017

Hometown Focus
Nancy Norr

Job growth remains a top concern among Minnesotans—particularly those living in Greater Minnesota—as shown in the findings of the Blandin Foundation’s 2016 Rural Pulse survey. This lack of confidence in the employment market underscores the importance of creating economic opportunity and jobs in Minnesota through responsible copper-nickel mining and energy transportation. With low incomes and a vulnerable economy, Jobs for Minnesotans will continue to advocate for development projects that result in job growth and economic benefits for our state.

Established in 2012 by the Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council, representing over 55,000 workers, and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, representing 2,300 companies and 500,000 employees, Jobs for Minnesotans gives a voice to those in favor of a strong economic future in the state of Minnesota.

The unique combination of business, labor and community groups formed the coalition because of the undeniable need for job creation and the overwhelming solution to address this issue: promoting two of the largest potential job creators in our state—responsible mining and energy transportation.

Jobs for Minnesotans filled a gap. Its diverse representation provides meaningful support to the mining and energy transportation industries that a company or industry association isn’t in a position to do. In what can sometimes be a highly-charged debate, the coalition represents a broad-base of supporters who know that job creation and a quality environment can coexist.

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