29 Aug 2013
August 29, 2013

Iron Range Engineering Gains Accreditation

August 29, 2013

Business North
The Daily Briefing

Iron Range Engineering (IRE) has earned accreditation, which is being retroactively applied to all previous IRE graduates.

“The exciting news of Iron Range Engineering receiving ABET accreditation represents tremendous value to the business community in Northern Minnesota,” said Robb Bigelow, project manager at Magnetation, Inc. “The accreditation provides those of us in industry who are looking to find top-end engineering talent only more evidence that the students of IRE are ready to step through our doors and work at an extremely high and productive level.”

“The announcement of the accreditation is exciting news for northeastern Minnesota,” said Tony Sertich, commissioner of Iron Range Resources. “The Iron Range Engineering program is evidence of the IRRRB’s commitment in investing in education-based economic development. This program allows northeastern Minnesota to grow its own talent to meet the needs of our region’s economy.”

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