19 Jan 2017
January 19, 2017

Goodnight Lakes, Goodnight Mines, We’ll Take Care of Both

January 19, 2017

Mesabi Daily News
Leah Ryan

Ask us what we think of Twin Metals, and we will tell you that mining needs to be done correctly so that it doesn’t harm our natural resources. Where would we be without our mines? Where would we be without our forests? Where would we be with out our pristine lakes, in the land of 10,000 lakes?

Our federal government needs to allow an environmental review to be conducted on Twin Metals to determine if there is a potential to hurt our Boundary Waters. Don’t just cast the whole project aside on unsubstantiated “what ifs.”

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is ours. It is where we live, it is the water we drink, it is where we expose our children to all the wonders of nature. We would never put any of that at risk. We understand the importance of providing for our children and their children — part of that is to provide them with safe natural resources and jobs for the future.

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