10 Mar 2017
March 10, 2017

Federal Officials Arbitrarily Nixed Important Iron Range Projects

March 10, 2017

Star Tribune
Doug Loon and Harry Melander

As Minnesotans, we are all proud of the many economic strengths of our great state. From our diverse mix of industries, to our highly skilled and hard-working workforce, to our extensive natural resources, we have many assets that have sustained our state’s strong position economically. Included in this is the historically prominent iron mining industry that has played a vital role in the state’s prosperity for more than 130 years.

Today five iron mines are up and running on the Iron Range, which is wonderful. But the cyclical nature of global markets is a constant reality of life for families and businesses in the region. They know today’s relative prosperity is fragile, which is why they have worked so hard to diversify their economy.

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