Jobs for Minnesotans supports projects, legislation and initiatives that will grow industries and revitalize and strengthen Minnesota’s economy in both rural and urban areas. Visit the below links to access additional materials on these projects and companies.

Jobs for Minnesotans Fact Sheets and Resources

Safe Energy Transportation Resources
Projects like the Line 3 Replacement Project will bring much-needed jobs and economic development to the region, while safely transporting the natural resources we need to power our lives.

  • Line 3 quick factsLearn about the project details including location, cost and more
  • Preferred route selection:Learn about how Enbridge selected the proposed route for the Line 3 Replacement Project
  • Line 3 Replacement Project:Read about the importance of replacing Line 3 and how Enbridge plans to make it happen
  • Understanding the Minnesota regulatory process:Read about the regulatory process that Minnesota follows for pipeline projects
  • Line 3 infographic:At a glance, see the positive economic impact the Line 3 Replacement Project will have on the state’s economy
  • Economic Impact of Line 3: View the breakdown of job creation and investment of the Line 3 Replacement Project according to a 2017 study from the University of Minnesota Duluth
  • Deactivation process:Learn more about will happen to the existing Line 3 once the Line 3 Replacement Project is complete
  • Minnesota union halls:The Line 3 Replacement Project will employ union workers. See which based on city location
  • Safe communities for MNLearn how Enbridge is investing in local communities to provide safe, reliable operations year-round

Responsible Mining Resources
Copper-nickel mining projects like PolyMet’s NorthMet Project and the Twin Metals Project will safely develop our state’s natural resources while providing economic and employment opportunities for generations.

Wild Rice Sulfate Rules

PolyMet’s NorthMet Project

 Twin Metals Minnesota Project

  • Company OverviewLearn more about Twin Metals Minnesota and the TMM Project
  • Project Overview: Read up on the Twin Metals Project’s history, current status and environmental studies