Jobs & Impact

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The need for well-paying jobs across industries and throughout the state of Minnesota endures today as our economy continues to recover from the Great Recession. Incomes remain low and the vulnerability of the economy is still of great concern, particularly in Greater Minnesota according to the Blandin Foundation’s 2016 Rural Pulse survey. The importance of creating economic opportunity and jobs in Minnesota is clear and projects in the copper-nickel mining and energy transportation industries can do just that.

Copper-nickel mining projects like PolyMet and Twin Metals Minnesota are already creating jobs during project planning. This industry will require millions of construction hours to build the mines and will create thousands of family-sustaining jobs for decades to come. For example, the PolyMet project will result in approximately 360 long-term jobs with annual wages and benefits estimated at $36 million.

Furthermore, a study conducted by the Labovitz School of Business and Economics at the University of Minnesota Duluth found that approximately two spinoff jobs are created in other industries for each mining job. These spinoff jobs stabilize communities by providing new employment opportunities in manufacturing, retail, restaurants and green energy. The PolyMet project alone will generate more than 600 indirect and induced jobs in goods and services and other sectors where PolyMet dollars will flow.

Energy transportation projects such as Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project will provide family-sustaining construction jobs to more than 1,500 Minnesotans during the course of the project. Additionally, these projects will provide new business opportunities for contractors for design, survey, environmental assessment, and project planning and ongoing positions in safety, monitoring and maintenance.

From construction workers to project planners and engineers to administrators, these mining and energy transportation projects will revitalize Minnesota communities by providing thousands of enduring, high-quality jobs and thousands of ancillary jobs.

Economic Impact

Copper-nickel mining and energy transportation projects will provide economic growth and renewal for the entire state.

Copper-nickel mining projects bring new investments as well as millions of dollars in tax revenues. PolyMet has invested more than $200 million in its project since 2006 and Twin Metals Minnesota has invested more than $400 million since 2010. These funds have supported our state’s economy and created job opportunities in our communities. Tax revenues will support government and public services, benefiting future generations of talented, hardworking Minnesotans. In fact, the Department of Natural Resources estimates that copper-nickel mining projects will generate more than $2 billion for the Minnesota Permanent School Trust Fund, providing revenue for every school district in Minnesota.

Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement project will provide a significant boost to Minnesota’s economy. In 2011 alone, Enbridge paid more than $34 million in property taxes to the state. Enbridge is projected to spend $2.1 billion in Minnesota on the Line 3 Replacement project.

Furthermore, these companies continue to invest in local communities and non-profit organizations in the state. For example, the Enbridge Community Investment Program supported non-profit organizations in Minnesota with more than $276,490 in 2014. Since its creation in 2010, Twin Metals Minnesota has provided more than $300,000 in financial support to a variety of community organizations, including the United Way of Northeastern Minnesota, the Ely Area Food Shelf and more.

Enbridge, Twin Metals Minnesota and PolyMet are investing billions in major expansions and these investments will contribute to long-term, stable and reliable sources of energy for the United States.

By supporting the development of strategic metals and energy transportation projects in Minnesota, we are also supporting the following industries:

  • Technology/Green Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • …and many more