Take Action

Want to show your support for job creation through the responsible development of energy transportation and copper-nickel mining projects? Get involved!

  1. Submit a comment by Aug. 17 to the U.S. Forest Service telling them you oppose action to pursue the withdrawal of lands and minerals in northeastern Minnesota from future leasing, exploration and potential development.
  2. Submit a supportive comment by March 27 on the  Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Enbridge’s Line 67 Expansion. Some points that you may want to consider as you develop your comments:
    1. DOS should not further delay the issuance of a Permit to Enbridge. Enbridge applied for a Permit over 4 years ago and DOS should seek to expedite the issuance of the Permit for the Line 67 Expansion– a vital piece of energy transportation infrastructure.
    2. The Permit is needed to meet shipper demand on the Enbridge system. Without this Permit, Enbridge will not have the ability to utilize available capacity on its mainline system. If it is not granted, this will result in increased instances where Enbridge is unable to transport the volumes of crude oil requested by shippers.
    3. As shown in the draft SEIS, no significant adverse environmental impacts will result from authorizing Enbridge to transport 800,000 bpd on the Line 67 border segment given that 800,000 bpd is already flowing on portions of the pipeline that are not subject to the Presidential Permit.
    4. If a Permit is not issued, alternative modes of transport would be needed to meet shipper demand, such as trucking or rail that would lead to further congestion on existing highways and railroads.
    5. Allowing Enbridge to optimize its existing system through the issuance of the Permit will also:
      1. Enable Enbridge to maintain access to secure and reliable supplies of North American crude oil, moving the U.S. closer to energy independence
      2. Cement a reduction in the nation’s reliance on imports from nations that are less stable or unfriendly to U.S. interests
      3. Ensure refineries in the U.S. Midwest and surrounding areas get the oil needed from its mainline system to satisfy public demand for petroleum products
      4. Continue to generate millions of dollars of tax revenue for communities along the pipeline route that provide funding for schools, roads and other community needs
  3. Call your local elected officials to voice your support of copper-nickel mining and energy transportation projects in Minnesota.
  4. Submit a letter to your local paper saying why you support copper-nickel mining and energy transportation projects.
  5. Attend local meetings and public forums about these projects to stay informed on the latest industry and project updates. Click here to visit our calendar of events.