About Us

Carpenters Union work on Range mine site_from MakariosJobs for Minnesotans was co-founded in October 2012 by the Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council representing 55,000 workers and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce representing 2,300 companies and 500,000 employees. This coalition represents businesses, labor, communities and other supporters of job creation and investment in the state of Minnesota.

We serve as a platform for supporters to get involved and work together to promote two of the largest potential job creators in the state of Minnesota. As part of our work, Jobs for Minnesotans educates and provides information about the investment and direct and ancillary job creation that copper-nickel mining and energy transportation can produce for the state.

Expanding on Minnesota’s natural resources heritage, the state has the opportunity to gain thousands of jobs for generations of Minnesotans by safely extracting minerals from one of the world’s largest known, untapped sources of copper, nickel, platinum, palladium, cobalt and gold located in northeastern Minnesota’s Duluth Complex. Additionally, Enbridge provides the chance to transport needed energy supplies across the state, bringing thousands of jobs and economic revenue to Minnesota.

The importance of these projects being allowed to follow timely, predictable and transparent regulatory and environmental review processes cannot be underscored enough. We trust that these reviews are rigorous and thorough and that the integrity of Minnesota’s strict procedures and regulators offer companies and citizens confidence the projects will be done right. This process is in jeopardy due to the decision by the United States Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to pursue the withdrawal of 235,000 acres of federal lands from future leasing, exploration and potential development. Without fair process, Minnesota will see these project investments go elsewhere; and most likely in places with less strict environmental and labor safety regulations.

Previously conducted research in a recent statewide survey shows that a majority of Minnesotans trust the Department of Natural Resources to study all environmental issues and ensure copper-nickel mining is done correctly. Results from the poll can be found here: Minnesota Statewide Mining Survey Topline.