Act Now to Support Mining in Northeast Minnesota

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is now conducting a 30-day public input period through Jan. 22, 2019 to solicit comments on the completed environmental assessment for the renewal of Twin Metals Minnesota federal mineral leases.  

We need supporters like you to make your voice heard for the future of non-ferrous mining in Minnesota and the Twin Metals project. Submit your comments to BLM by Jan. 22 when you click on this link here. 

Below are a few suggested points. Copy the text below before you click here to submit a comment and paste the text in the comment box: 

 I support renewal of the Twin Metals federal mineral leases, providing greater certainty for private investments in exploration that produce significant economic activity. In a modern mining era and within existing state and federal laws, Twin Metals should be allowed to design a mining project proposal for rigorous review by state and federal agencies. Along with multiple robust public input opportunities on mining in northeast Minnesota in the last three years, the proposed 30 day comment period offers additional inclusivity and public access and should be deemed sufficient.

 The BLM determined in the environmental assessment that there are no environmental concerns associated with these mineral leases. The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is a well-established process in place for environmental review of all mining projects after a specific project is proposed.  

 Mining projects offer the best opportunity for well-paying, quality jobs and substantial and sustaining investment in the northeastern Minnesota region. 

Be a part of attracting billions of dollars of new investment in industries committed to meeting Minnesota’s environmental standards. Get involved today and:



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Jobs for Minnesotans is a coalition of organizations brought together and committed to advancing one common goal: job creation and investment in Minnesota through the growth of responsible industries. Co-founded by the Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Jobs for Minnesotans consists of organizations that represent Minnesota businesses, labor organizations and communities statewide.

Working together through this coalition, our members show support for opportunities to grow industries that will revitalize and strengthen Minnesota’s economy in both rural and urban areas. Today, these opportunities are the sustainable development of new mining and energy transportation projects.

Combining the state’s rich heritage in natural resources with modern technology and workforce expertise, mining and energy transportation projects can significantly increase jobs and economic development for the state while protecting Minnesota’s water and great outdoors.